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Data-driven DEI

Companies that leverage the strength of their differences are more resilient, engaged, and see 45% more revenue growth (Hewlett, Marshall, and Sherbin, 2013). But diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives can be overwhelming and intimidating.

At LifeLabs Learning, we cut through the noise by researching what makes inclusive teams different. We lead short, lab-based workshops and help you identify small org changes that make big impact. 



  • People feel stuck and ill-equipped to correct problems and improve dynamics.
  • Unconscious bias and DEI are hard to talk about.
  • There is friction, an imbalance of contributions, and it's tough to recruit and retain top talent.


  • Employees have tools to leverage diverse perspectives and make better, smarter decisions.
  • Your teams have shared vocabulary and see DEI value.
  • Your org has greater capacity for collaboration, innovation, productivity, and problem-solving.


In a case study of 921 learners:

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"I realized there are actionable ways to make others feel more included and how to be more self-aware."

"As someone who is a part of a marginalized group, I didn't think that I needed to learn about inclusion....This training proved me wrong and provided space to grow and improve as a colleague/friend/person."


Our Program Consultants will help you craft messaging and a plan to gain org-wide buy-in and enthusiasm.

STEP 2: SKILL UP YOUR WORKFORCE (up to 30 participants per workshop)

Course 1:

Behaviors of Inclusion

(2 hours, for all employees)

Learn the psychology of bias and how it interferes with our ability to bring out the best in ourselves and others. Then, practice behaviors of inclusion: small habits and micro-interventions that improve fairness, communication, and collaboration in meetings, 1-1s, interviews, team events, and daily interactions.

Course 2:

Inclusive Interviewing

(2 hours, for interview team members)

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to conduct interviews with maximum predictive validity and minimum bias. You’ll leave with skills for fairly and effectively finding the perfect hires to join your team while creating an inclusive candidate experience.

Course 3:

Inclusive Systems Skills

(2 hours, for Execs and People Ops)

Companies that harness the power of people’s differences are better able to adapt and innovate. In this workshop, you'll learn how to spot and optimize org systems that are most prone to bias (from recruiting to performance assessment), avoid the most common pitfalls, and create a culture of belonging.

Program add-ons:

To deepen your company's inclusion skills and conversational capacity, you can also include our CORE workshops.


After the training, participants will receive our Behaviors of Inclusion Booster Series: a full year of short, actionable nudges to practice what they learned and build lasting habits.

You'll receive support on how to embed inclusive behaviors and systems changes into your organizations, resulting in lasting structural and cultural change.


Train your employees in the most impactful DEI skills.

What Our Clients Say

We love our clients, and the feeling is mutual! When asked how likely they are to recommend LifeLabs, clients give us an average score of 9.6 out of 10. Here’s why (in their own words):


Bala Subramaniam, Dr. of Product @ INSTACART

“As Instacart was scaling in hyper-growth mode, it was critical to invest in management and leadership training. I would strongly recommend having LifeLabs come in and do their magic for any institution looking to invest in people."


Rachell Morris, Head of HR @ TED

“This has been one of the best partnerships of my 18 year career – incredible, authentic, and knowledgeable. You’re talking about a crew that knows what they’re doing!”


Kyle Grubman, Senior Talent Manager @ LINKEDIN

“Our employees consistently highlight the practical application of the content and energy of the facilitators. All agree the sessions have been a valuable use of their time.”

LifeLabs Learning is the go-to leadership training company for managers, execs, and teams at innovative companies like Slack, Glossier, Lyft, Venmo, and BlackRock.