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The Future of Work is Changing

More and more companies are creating hybrid workspaces - allowing coworkers to collaborate at the office and from home. If that is you, we want to help you audit the state of your company’s readiness for hybrid and remote work and get the skills you need to keep teams productive and engaged. We've spent over a decade teaching teams how to succeed in changing times, and we are ready to help you:

  • get change-agile,
  • create an inclusive and engaged culture,
  • foster good habits while working remotely.

Our playbook shows you the systems and habits of great communication, flexibility, and inclusivity. We want to make your workspace--wherever it is--a place of productivity, positivity, and community.


Diagnose your team's hybrid and remote readiness with our in-depth auditing tool and access the training you'll need to navigate hybrid and remote workplace dynamics. The Hybrid + Remote Work Readiness Bundle includes three 2-hour workshops and expert guidance designed to prepare your company for a successful transition to hybrid and remote work.

Pre-Work: Hybrid Audit Tool

We provide you with a robust auditing tool--based on 5+ years of research-- designed to quickly diagnose your biggest hybrid readiness gaps and prep you to maximize workshop learnings.

Course 1:

Managing Distributed Employees

We cover foundational skills of outstanding hybrid leadership based on our research of what makes great hybrid + remote managers different.

Course 2:

Adaptivity & Resilience

In this workshop, you'll learn to diagnose and optimize your default style under stress, make good decisions, and create structure even when things feel unstructured.

Course 3:

Behaviors of Inclusion

In this workshop, you'll practice behaviors of inclusion - small habits that improve 1-1 interactions, gatherings, meetings, feedback, and decisions.

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What Our Clients Say

We love our clients, and the feeling is mutual! When asked how likely they are to recommend LifeLabs, clients give us an average score of 9.6 out of 10. Here’s why (in their own words):


Bala Subramaniam, Dr. of Product @ INSTACART

“As Instacart was scaling in hyper-growth mode, it was critical to invest in management and leadership training. I would strongly recommend having LifeLabs come in and do their magic for any institution looking to invest in people."


Rachell Morris, Head of HR @ TED

“This has been one of the best partnerships of my 18 year career – incredible, authentic, and knowledgeable. You’re talking about a crew that knows what they’re doing!”


Kyle Grubman, Senior Talent Manager @ LINKEDIN

“Our employees consistently highlight the practical application of the content and energy of the facilitators. All agree the sessions have been a valuable use of their time.”

We've trained over 200,000 managers, execs, and individuals at 1,000+ innovative companies.